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Merchant Services

If you want to sell goods (or services) via the internet, mail order or in person it’s essential that you are able to accept credit and debit card payments. The process of applying for a merchant account used to be arduous but not any more. As an authorised NETPAY reseller we can do all of the paperwork for you AND get you unbeatable rates on your transactions.


Why Netpay ?

NetPay_auth_resellerV2Experience – We have a wealth of experience in supporting organisations who are new to card payments. Our technical support team are on hand 24/7 to answer any questions and ensure that your card terminal is always up and running.
Competitive – We offer a real alternative to other Acquiring Banks, great product, great service and great value.
Visibility and Control – The Revolution platform is unlike anything our competitors have to offer. It gives you fingertip control and unparalleled reporting on all your card transactions.
Fast! We can do your application today and 86% of applications are approved within 24 hours.

What can we provide ?

Online Payment Services: Enabling your business to take payments through your website securely.
Mail Order Telephone Order Services: Our virtual terminal allows you to take card payments over the phone or by mail.
Payment Terminal Services: We offer a range of portable, fixed and mobile, best of breed terminal devices manufactured by the leading manufacturers of payment devices in the world.

Alternative methods


From its humble origins as Ebay’s in-house payment service, Paypal is probably the most ubiquitous of all payment gateways. It has the advantage of being quick to set up, with no monthly charges and can be upgraded to accept card payments too. On the downside, they will charge up to 4% per transaction so if you have a steady turnover, there are cheaper options.


This might seem like an odd option but in countries like Germany, 90% of online sales are paid for via BACS. And with no transaction charges you can safely offer customers a 1-2% discount for choosing BACS and still be quids in. However it is ‘clunky’ as the customer has to login separately to their