Content marketing

Traditional internet marketing used to be about cheating Google into thinking you are popular. That approach has had it’s day so it’s far better to create content that will actually MAKE you more popular with Google and also your followers and customers. And we call this content marketing.

Brand storytelling

Brand storytelling is the art of creating a narrative with your brand at the heart of it. We aim to create a buzz around your product, service or brand that will engender loyalty from your customers who will be more than happy to share your stories with their friends and colleagues.

We use all the activities highlighted on this page to achieve this. And once we know what your goals are we can put together a tailored, affordable package that will achieve those goals.


Social media management

How often have you shared a meme, a video or anything with cats (!) on Facebook and seen how your friends have shared it, and their friends too. Social media really is a brave new world that requires very specific content and we believe the more left field you are, the more people will engage with you.

social media icons
  • Engagement across Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
  • Carefully devised strategy with specific goals
  • Up to 2-3 posts per day per platform
  • Monthly report
article writing

Article writing

Regular blogging with well written articles will achieve a number of important goals. Firstly it creates good quality, search friendly content for your website. It’s search friendly because it will be focussed on one key topic. Secondly because you are updating your site regularly, search engines will consider your site to be more newsworthy and thus rank higher. And lastly, it creates great content for you to share through social media.

  • Articles written in-house by our staff writer
  • 250-300 words on a range of related topics
  • Appropriately categorised within WordPress
  • Checked for spelling and keyword content
  • Shareable through web, email and social media
email marketing

Email marketing

We create elegant, mobile-responsive, personalised emails that can be sent to 10, 10,000 or 100,000 recipients from our bespoke platform. Engagement with emails is fully trackable from opens & links to bounces & shares.

email marketing
  • 10 to 100,000 or more at a time
  • Personalised, mobile friendly email design
  • Fully trackable
  • Automated subscribe/unsubscribe
  • Anti-spam compliant

Video marketing

If it’s corporate video you’re after, this isn’t it. Our objective is to create short, snappy videos that answer very specific questions. When people use search engines, they are asking a question so we can answer them them using video. And because Youtube is part of Google, if you were to search (for example) how to change an oil filter on a 1978 ford fiesta, chances are if a video exists on Youtube that answers that query it will be top of page one.

  • 60-90 second videos shot in-house or on location
  • Edited by Pixelhaus
  • Title screen at the beginning and end of the video
  • High quality video and sound recording
  • Uploaded to Youtube and appropriately tagged
seo and ppc


We offer a full range of Search engine optimisation and pay per click activities as follows:

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) audit
  • Improvements to site structure and content to aid SEO
  • Google Adwords management
  • Facebook promoted posts management
  • Twitter promotions

Case Study: Craft Insurance

We have looked after the Craft Insurance (the UK’s premier insurers for craftspeople and groups) website for over 10 years but two years ago began an active process of ‘Brand Building’ through a process of regular weekly blog posts, monthly email newsletters, video interviews and features with customers about their work, a curated trade magazine and of course Facebook and Twitter.

The result has seen a measurable increase in customer loyalty and higher levels of engagement which we strived to achieve.

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