how much is a website

How much is a web site?

‘How much does a website cost ?’ is often the first question we get asked on an initial enquiry. It’s a fair question as we all have budgets to adhere to, but obviously its a similar question to ‘how much is a car?’ the answer being that it depends if you want a Fiat 500 or a Ferrari!

We believe it’s more important to consider what the return on your investment will be. So, if an ecommerce website will allow you to generate £1 million worth of sales in 12 months, then £50,000 or 5% is a very reasonable sum. Conversely if you are a charity and every penny earned is hard fought for then £500 would seem a lot. But as a guide we’ve created this graph to indicate what you would expect to get, typically for £X amount invested. We are always here to discuss your project and to come up with solutions that meet both your needs and your budget.

Example A

Simple 5 page site based on a stock theme.

Example B

As per example A plus up to 5 more pages and some custom design.

Example C

As per example C plus half a day’s photography. 1 year’s free hosting. SEO audit.

Example D

Up to 20 pages, custom design. 1 year’s free hosting. SEO audit.

Example E

Unlimited pages, custom design. 1 year’s free hosting. SEO audit.

Example F

Unlimited pages, custom design, location/product photography/video. 1 year’s free hosting. SEO audit.

Example G

Unlimited pages, custom design, custom graphics, marketing plan. 1 year’s free hosting. SEO audit.

Please note that these examples are used to illustrate how far even a modest budget can go with Pixelhaus. We will always endeavour to produce a package that matches your specific requirements.

Included with EVERY site

Regardless of budget, every newly built Pixelhaus site comes with these benefits:

  • Built on a robust, scalable CMS (content management system) foundation so you can add more content yourself at no extra cost.
  • Training and support: We will ensure you know how manage your site through active training. And if you have a problem or just want to ask something, give us a call. We don’t charge for advice!
  • Our hosting is rock solid and backed up daily. Email hosting included too.
  • Google analytics: discover what drives traffic to your site so you can refine the content.